Patty Cake Patty Cake

For the first time, Liyam helped me bake a cake and discovered the joy of licking the batter. (I think he actually thought the batter was the finished cake for a while there.) And, as the main batter-eater in my life for three decades, I was surprised to discover that there’s even more joy in giving someone else the bowl to lick. The whole experience was magnificent and delicious and flour-covered. Can’t wait to try bread and cookies with my baker’s man.

Toddlerhood, a Snapshot

Lately, Liyam has been climbing into bed with us in the middle of the night. It’s irritating to have your sleep interrupted by a pushy octopus with no control over its limbs. He says loudly, “Please move? I need some space,” as if it were the middle of a noontime conversation. But then he snuggles in close and rubs my arm gently with his soft soft hand, and who wouldn’t love that for at least five minutes?

Cafe Liyum

Welcome to Café Liyum!

Welcome to Café Liyum!

May I offer you a cappuccino water? Or perhaps a chocolate sausage taco?

May I offer you a cappuccino water? Or perhaps a chocolate sausage taco?


Serving plate? My plate.

When it comes to breakfast decisions, this boy never has a problem with waffling.


Happy Campers

We took Liyam on his first camping trip last weekend. Hammocks, gigantic fallen and hollowed-out redwoods, amber waves of grain, our friend Amber’s son with waves of grain-colored hair. It was excellent.

Camping1 Camping2 Camping3 Camping4 Camping5 Camping6 Camping7 Camping8 Camping9


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