Micah Turns One!


You might be wondering how I came to look like such an amazingly cool guy. Well here’s the story:


I’m a little sick today.


But it’s not going to keep me from enjoying my birthday shindig!


Oh cool, some sort of food on a pink thing. I’m just going to pull this over here…


Like so.


Ah yes, there we go.


Just the way I like it.


This is great!


Now look away while I munch.



Now, on to the final course.


Which brings us back to the end of a successful, though brief and kind of weird, birthday celebration.


[squeals of joy from the bath tub]


First Family Bike Ride


Yesterday we took to the sidewalks for our first family bike ride. It was great fun until the return trip tantrum. No pictures from that portion of the adventure…


Non-Still Life with Persings

A (moving) picture of everyday life in motion… including a walking Micah!

Life on the Outside

Today is Micah’s nine month birthday, approximately the point where he has been out in the world as long as he was inside the womb. Huzzah!




1221151318What is this worldly gentleman up to? He enjoys boobs and dancing, has learned to wave hello, is pulling up on everything, and thinks his older brother is hilarious… even when he’s being a twerp. Great progress, so far, and we’re all excited for developments to come.

Micah on the Move

He crawls!

Shredder, Leonardo, Dinomike & the Geisha


A motley crew we were at Halloween 2015, which was a roaring success. In summary:

  • Micah was adorable, if slightly traumatized by his mother in a mask.
  • Oren’s shredder mask was surprisingly comfortable and at least a dozen Halloweeners of all ages knew who he was. Score!
  • Liyam had a blast, declaring, “Halloween is my favorite kind of Christmas!” It turns out that the child only likes M&Ms and lollipops, so…
  • Sarah gets to eat a lot of candy.


Pumpkin Patch

While Oren was away, Sarah and the boys took a field trip to Perry’s Pumpkin Patch to pick out our Halloween pumpkins. We chose some great pumpkins (two of which rotted within days of carving, argh), saw real tractors, had a blast running through the hay bale maze and climbing the hay bale pyramid, tasted honey sticks, and even took home some dried corn for a popcorn experiment. All in all, good fall fun!


Driver Said



Oh hi. Didn't see you there.

Oh hi. Didn’t see you there.

Want to know something cool?

Want to know something cool?


Can I tell them, Mom? Can I?

I am six months old now! And that means...

I am six months old now! And that means…

I am learning how to drive.

I am learning how to drive.

In the Home Depot parking lot.

In the Home Depot parking lot.

It is hard work, let me tell you.

It is hard work, let me tell you.

But one day, I'll be driving with the best of 'em.

But one day, I’ll be driving with the best of ’em.


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